Meet Robyn Alisat: Client Success Account Manager

Meet Robyn Alisat: Client Success Account Manager

This month we sat down with Robyn Alisat, our newest Client Success Account Manager to join the team at PayByPhone to get to know what her life at PayByPhone is like, and how she spends her time outside of her home office! Keep reading to learn more about Robyn’s role, her advice for working within this field, and how she’s been literally, around the world!

What is your “day in the life” like at PayByPhone?

What I really enjoy, is that every day is different for me. Whether it’s new parking lots opening, or feature requests, I’m in regularly communicating with my clients, to support their goals and their parkers.

I’m also learning a ton about the parking industry in general, what that looks like from PayByPhone’s point of view, and where the company wants to grow.

What’s your favourite part about being on the PayByPhone team?

The collaboration and the genuine support I feel from everyone on the team. As a person who is new to the world of parking I have a lot of questions. Through my role with PayByPhone I’ve had a tremendous amount of learning opportunities, and I’m starting to feel more confident moving forward on my own, and couldn’t have done this without the support and encouragement from my team.

We also have a ton of fun at PayByPhone, and will most likely meet you on the dance floor at conference events or get togethers!

Can you explain your role at PayByPhone, and how that fits into your team?

I love how my role is a unique combination of ensuring we’re providing drivers with an easier way to park, and ensuring our clients are continuing to succeed, by finding ways to continuously grow app adoption and usage.

As I get to collaborate with clients who are in municipalities, universities and private operators, there are a lot of commonalties across their needs, and ideas generated that could also be relevant to other clients. I enjoy being able to share best practices and new ideas, to see how they can be applied in another city or parking operation, and what the resulting outcomes are.

I also have a fantastic opportunity to share with other internal PayByPhone teams what clients and parkers are looking for, and if we were to investigate a potential new feature, how this would help our clients in different areas.

Being able to share the experiences of my clients and parkers, new ideas, and goals with my immediate team and to the rest of the PayByPhone team, helps us stay connected, informed, and support in other areas of the business.

If you could give a newcomer to your field one piece of advice, what would it be?

It’s one of our values and something that has helped me – Have Fun! The people in the parking industry are truly amazing. I have had so much fun getting to know our clients and getting to know the PayByPhone team.

Have fun as you onboard, start connecting with you clients, your team, and continue to have fun as you move forward!

Which PayByPhone Value do you identify with most and why?

This was something that really connected with me, when first applying and I’m seeing how it plays such a big role in our day-to-day lives at PayByPhone. Stay Curious! I appreciate the openness from everyone at PayByPhone to ask questions, learn and understand why we do what we do and how can it support and help our clients. It’s really helped me, as I continue to onboard and it’s a great reminder when meeting with clients, to ask follow up questions and to learn more about their parking operations, how they want visitors to feel, when coming to their city or campus and how they want to engage.

What’s something about yourself that is surprising?

Before really kicking off my career, I travelled. My friend and I specifically picked places so we could officially say, we’ve been around the world. From Calgary, we started our trip in London, then headed to Madrid, stopping in Qatar briefly on our way to Mumbai, to Ho Chi Minh City, to then a 15 hour layover in Seoul (which allowed us to go into the city), then a 15 hour flight to San Francisco (don’t recommend) to wrapping up our trip in Calgary. I really appreciate direct flights these days.

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